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Success Stories

Idalis Claudio

Foster Care Professional

"As a teenager, I was influenced by people to make self-destructive choices. After understanding that a change needed to happen, I sought mentorship provided by MRF. My life quickly shifted due to my mentors who believed in me and called the greatness out. I am now a first-generation college graduate and am working at an emergency foster care shelter for teens. I now have the opportunity to influence teens who made similar decisions as I once did and lead them to a place of growth and character."

— Idalis Claudio


"Before encountering the leadership of MRF I was lost, hurt by life, and unsure of my identity. With their help, I found direction, healing, and purpose. I learned how to be intentional with everything and to extend help to those around me. This foundation has been pivotal in my growth as a person, wife, friend, daughter, student, and now, professional."

— Dr. Scarlett Godinez, PhD.


Youth Pastor

“As a teenager, I had no sense of direction. The Mariano Rivera Foundation helped me discover my purpose. While being mentored, I learned disciplines that helped carry me through the highs and lows of my life. I am forever indebted to their love, support, and mentorship. MRF is more than a program it is a birthplace for world changers.”

— Jun Marcelin


"As a high-schooler I was sent to an alternative school with no hope of graduating. I began to lose hope in my future. Upon enrolling into a MRF program, I found hope and purpose. Today I am paying it forward, by becoming a certified teacher. My goal as an educator is to remind my students there is hope for them regardless of their past failures.

— Sofia Porraz


Before being enrolled in a MRF Program, I was a young man with no sense of direction. I was living life without purpose and saw no value in myself. Through the program I’ve learned to number my days, know my worth, make the most out of every moment and live for what truly matters most in life. I now live a purposed and blessed life with my beautiful wife, two wonderful dogs and a successful business.

— Christian Godinez

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